Admin Columns

Admin Columns

Completely customise the columns on the administration screens with a nice drag and drop interface.

By default, WordPress only shows a few built-in columns. This plugin will give you many additional columns. You will have full control over all columns for pages, posts, posttypes, media, links, comments and users.

Add or remove columns, change their label, change their width and reorder them.

Admin Columns – Pro Add-on !

With the pro version you will get the option to sort the columns, easy import/export functionality and filtering of columns.


Drag and Drop

Once installed, simply add your columns, and drag them in any order.



Easy to use

Use Admin Columns plugin to display any content on your column screens.

Lots of columns

With over 60 columns to choose from, custom column management couldn’t be easier!

Available for Posts, Pages, Custom Posttypes, Comments, Links, Users and Media.


Sorting of columns

All of the new columns will have support for sorting with the pro version.

By default WordPress let’s you only sort by Title, Date, Comments and Author. This will make you be able to sort by ALL columns of ANY type. (columns that are added by other plugins are not supported)

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Filtering of columns

We added support for filtering for lots of columns.

By default WordPress let’s you only filter by Date, Categories and Tags. This will let you filter all kinds of columns, checkout the complete list.



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Import / Export of settings

Conveniently import and export your settings for when you want to migrate your site or save additional pre-sets.

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You can extend Admin Columns with the Admin Columns – Pro add-on.