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For sales quesions, please email us. We offer support for Admin Columns Pro on, and for Column Shortcodes on the support forums.

Found a bug

If you’re sure you’ve found a bug, please report it by creating an issue on Github If you’re not sure it’s a bug, search the forums for similar threads and see if any of the proposed solutions work for you. Admin Columns: create an issue on Github Column Shortcodes: create an issue on Github If you prefer just sending us an email that’s good too.


Translations are very welcome. If you don’t have a lot of time, no problem. You can just translate sentences collaborative at Transifex. Pick your language and click on “Translate” below. ( then select cpac.po as resource ). Happy translating! [transifex_stats project=”admin-columns” resource=””] [transifex_stats project=”admin-columns-pro-addon” resource=””] [transifex_stats project=”column-shortcodes” resource=””]

Feature suggestion

Email suggestion to

Contribute on gitHub

Please fork our projects on github and make a pull request.


Anything you like to share?